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In situ freeze drying machine
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In situ freeze drying machine Shanghai Toffon Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Production Freeze Dryers Type:TF-SFD-150 Usable shelf area:15㎡ Condenser final temperature:≦-60℃( idling condition) Ice capacity:150Kg/24h Final vacuum:≦10Pa Power:70kw including heating 8kw Working principle of freeze dryer: Freeze drying is a kind of technology that the water content materials freeze at first, and then get the dry goods in the vacuum state through sublimation. The items of freeze drying processing are easy to be preserved for long time, and can be restored to the state before freezing and the biochemical characteristics. For heat sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormone and other biological products, freeze drying technology more show its superiority. "Toffon" production freeze dryer has a mature manufacturing process, superb temperature control technology, the ultra low working temperature and high efficiency service. In the present, the production freeze dryer is the freeze dry machine innovation backbone; the final temperature has reached to 200 degrees below zero. In the products of nutrition preservation, preservation freeze dryer has a great advantage. For some special items which the lower the temperature, the higher the rate, freeze dryer also provides better working environment. The characteristic of production freeze dryer Production freeze dryer has international popular structure: 1. Touch screen display, curve and data show the drying process, PID function adjust, to facilitate the user easier to understand information. 2. Compound refrigeration technology, less frozen dry time. Import key parts, reducing noise, large freezing capacity, and large water capture capacity. High quality makes sure high performance. 3. In the observation window, the drying process is intuitive. Using in situ pre freezing, the automation from vacuum to dry achieved to reducing the complex operation in the drying process. 4. Optional temperature recorder. The adjustable temperature record point, real-time monitoring, so do not fear of forgetting, security for your experience accumulation. 5. All 304 stainless steel inside, to keep anti-corrosion and easy clean. 6. Silicone oil frozen medium, the deviation is no more than 1℃, so drying uniformly. 7. Configuration of pneumatic valve can be filled with dry inert gas. 8. Optional eutectic point test device, and automatic pressure plug device. 9. Square shelf is not easy deformation, easy operation and cleaning. The drying chamber is made of high transparent and colorless organic glass doors, and can be clearly observed during operation. Article original: Shanghai Toffon Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Toffon Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specialize in the production of various types of refrigeration equipment, including chromatography freezer, freeze dryer, cold water machine, ultra low temperature freezer, thermostat bath. First-class professional, first-class service, Shanghai Toffon is your good choice!
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