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Ice making machine
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Ice making machine 1, the ice making machine: Ice making machine (English Name: ice maker or ice machine is a water through the evaporator refrigeration system Refrigerant cooled by the formation of ice refrigeration machinery & equipment, the refrigeration system, with water as the carrier, in the energized state through a device made after ice. Generation of ice shape vary according to the evaporator principle and mode of production; people commonly to shape the ice in the ice making machine for granular ice machine, flake ice machine, plate ice machine, ice machine shell ice machines, and so on. 2, Shanghai extension ice machine series products: Small edible box machine series (40 kg - 1000 kg) Snow ice machine series (40 kg, 350 kg) Fresh water ice machine series (0.3 tons - 60 tons) Sea ice machine series (1 tons - 6 tons) Tube ice machine series (1 tons - 30 tons) Large edible grain ice machine (3 tons, 5 tons) The original article: Shanghai extension of machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. Specialized in producing all kinds of refrigeration equipment, including chromatography freezer and freeze dry machine, cold water machine, ultra low temperature freezer, thermostat, snow ice machine, our professional, we have carefully and numerous extension is a good choice for you!
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